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Historical Mentions: Demonologist Ideas Involving a Johann

While bouncing ideas around, I tend to draw from history a lot. I love history, and I even spent way too much of my younger life in school studying it. These days, I put all that academia towards roleplaying ideas… and, uh, research for copy– but that’s a darker story for another time. One fellow […]

Rubric of the Goat: The Doom Mechanic

Hey folks, I have been playing around with coming up with Black Goat’s own easy-to-use rules system, or some modification of an open source one, or whatever. I like to call it “Grim Fantasy”. First as a placeholder, but then the name kinda stuck with me. These rules and such have been brewing in my […]

Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Urmakabus

Here’s something for you, offered in the spirit of VD. It’s a love note from all of me at Black Goat to all of you! Technically speaking, this is something for the Little Bits entries, as this little guy will show up more, um, fleshed out in a future offering; also, I’m not providing this […]

Little Bits: Cornerstone Keep

A while back, I started working on “Para Saar: Island of Grim Adventure”, which then changed into its current, final title of Paha Saar: Wretched Environ for Mordant Escapades. Not to worry, my friends, this Goat is still working on it, and it should see completion sooner than later. It even has some fantastic art by […]

Little Bits: The Krofron

I don’t know if we’re going to use the Krofron as an expanded entry for a BGG offering, seeing as it wheedles to us from the realms of science-fiction and post-apocalyptic horror. Still, I wanted to get this out there in some form while the thought was still bouncing around in my noggin. Really, there […]

Little Bits: Tentacled Brain-Sucker

In order to keep stuff active while I work on Scribendarum: Volume I, this Goat thought it would be useful to post entries that cover some of the upcoming items in that and other Black Goat Games offerings. And so, we have Little Bits. This fellow first appeared in Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: R is for Regimental […]