Little Bits: Tentacled Brain-Sucker

In order to keep stuff active while I work on Scribendarum: Volume I, this Goat thought it would be useful to post entries that cover some of the upcoming items in that and other Black Goat Games offerings. And so, we have Little Bits.

This fellow first appeared in Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: R is for Regimental Revenant, which Black Goat Games released upon the unwary, free of charge, waaaay back in November. R is for Regemental Revenant covers various things concerning the military undead, odd new creatures, and some other fun items.

From the original entry…



Now, do want some more on this little brain-sucking guy? Sure, it’s nothing all that original, but this tired goat tries to put some interesting spins on ’em. Find out if I succeed or not in Little Things: the first offering, which you can buy here!

First piece of Brain-Sucker art is a modified image found in the public domain.
Second piece of art is by Jeff Preston, from the Terrible Character Portraits pack.

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