Little Bits: The Krofron

I don’t know if we’re going to use the Krofron as an expanded entry for a BGG offering, seeing as it wheedles to us from the realms of science-fiction and post-apocalyptic horror. Still, I wanted to get this out there in some form while the thought was still bouncing around in my noggin. Really, there is no reason why Black Goat Games shouldn’t have sci-fi offerings, as well.

I invite you, dear readers and Blackgoatteers, to weigh in and let me know your thoughts on this matter. Should BGG include science-fiction/cosmic horror/etc etc et al in its products?

(UPDATE: This has been cut down a bit for this entry, because the Krofron has been expanded and included in Black Goat’s first publication Little Things: the first offering! GET IT HERE!!)

For now, here is the Krofron

TCP Cyberpunk 8

Hailing from… somewhere, the Krofron (as they are known within the lands of Fylgr and the planet of Dalisontia) are an trans-dimensional, inter-planes travelling race of beings who are as mysterious in appearance as they are in motivations– both individually and as a species. Normally, Krofron are encountered as bipeds with their trademark, slightly askew “eyes”, which to keen observers are some sort of ocular devices or armor. Indeed, they seem as if they are encased in armor to many sentient species they encounter, most notably amongst those still caught in the grip of feudal societies, old technology driven kingdoms, and vassal states.

The Krofron themselves have technology that tends to vary from Krofron to Krofron, and from group to group. They seem to have no countries, no politics, no semblance to, say, most human cultures. Often they do not even communicate with other species; and often they are accompanied by other races, like humanoid sentients, many of whom have been “modified” in some manner.

These modifications are frequently quite… disconcerting.

TCP Robot 1

The one technology the Krofron have that’s universal with all encounters with their race is the ability to travel between the planes, through a process that some of them call “multiverseal transiting”. At times, there are Krofron who seek to displace entire lands to seemingly odd demi-planes for experimental purposes, which is usually through a process called “phase-warp folding”. Normally– and this term is used loosely– most Krofron when encounter say nothing, communicate nothing, and explain nothing.

More often than not, when the Krofron are encountered,  they simply remain a mystery that will haunt those who have experienced them forever. In the extraordinarily rare times where two different types of Krofron meet up, they appear to be just as alien to each other.

The reasons why Krofron appear are myriad, really. They are supposed to be unexplainable and weird and just plain scary. If the greatest fear is fear of the unknown, these aliens embody the unknown. One thing is universal with them, however, and that is a body of a Krofron has never been recovered for study. The Krofron’s exo-armor has some kind of dead man’s switch that occurs when their vital signs begin to ebb away to nothing. All that will be left behind is a quickly evaporating goo.

Unless that bizarre goo-sludge temporarily left behind IS the Krofron race. No one really knows.

The Krofron weaponry varies, and, really, it depends on what the GM prefers. Some Krofron will do whatever it takes to avoid violence. Some will fight with frighteningly powerful armaments.  Others will simply use the manipulation of quantum physics to their horrific advantage, which always seems like powerful magic to the non-scienced. Krofron-tech is normally, um, abnormal, and tends to defy a lot of expectations– often towards the Krofron themselves.

Humans and other biped sentients tend to encounter Krofron who look like they’re encased in a robotic exo-skeleton, akin to a slimmer looking powered armor (for you sci-fi types). They always seem to have multiple “eyes”, with 4 eyes being less rare than, say, seven eyes. Groups with one eye are known to exist too; as are groups with varying numbers of eyes. Sometimes Krofron have eyestalks, but this is exceedingly uncommon.

Many experiments and studies-in-progress are left behind on many different worlds, usually resulting in some mind-shattering horror unleashed on the local populous. But there are those who seek the Krofron out, because they happen to have other mind-shattering cosmic horrors they need to deal with… ones who terrify them more than any Krofron ever has.

Krofron have their own weird motivations, and so it might help the Krofron-interested GM to have a chart:

Why are They Here? Roll a d10
1 – They have come to study the native sentient species. They will not communicate and take samples as they please.
2 – They are here to harvest. d4: 1-Brains, 2-Kidneys, 3-Eyes, 4-Index Fingers.
3 – They wish to add to their collection of… d4: 1-Toys, 2-Swords/Pistols, 3-Mugs, 4-Languages.
4 – They have no reason. Their having no reason IS their reason. They’re tourists. Terrible, terrible tourists.
5 – They are escaped convicts. Perhaps they are innocent. Probably not.
6 – They are a scouting party looking for new worlds to conquer.
7 – They are explorers looking for new worlds to explore.
8 – They are refugees… probably the unintentional harbingers of something horrible.
9 – They wish to eat. They love meat. Hey, human, you are made of meat.
10 – They are utterly fascinated by children. They wish to collect a few… specimens.

All written material © 2014 Black Goat Games and Steven G. Saunders.
Art is by Jeff Preston, and is taken from Terrible Character Portraits.


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