Little Bits: Cornerstone Keep

A while back, I started working on “Para Saar: Island of Grim Adventure”, which then changed into its current, final title of Paha Saar: Wretched Environ for Mordant Escapades. Not to worry, my friends, this Goat is still working on it, and it should see completion sooner than later. It even has some fantastic art by the lovely Nicole Turner, as well as other things, like the illustrations you will see on this entry of Little Bits.

Now, this is just a snapshot (originally typo’d as “snapshit”, which is fitting, considering the locale!) of Paha Saar, focusing on a part of the Cornerstone Keep chapter. I hope you find it of some inspiration and use as a GM, writer, or even as a jet pilot. Who know, really?

What you see, though, is not the final version, and it has been modified from the original to-be-published document to better suit this entry. Well, what are you waiting for? Have at it!



A league (three miles / five and a half kilometers) north of Gladstone is Cornerstone Keep, a hamlet of a settlement numbering only around sixty souls.

Most of these souls are deeply disturbing.

While Gladstone has its own horrible secrets, Cornerstone Keep has a few of its own.

Situated across the road from a dense forest and by cliffs overlooking the sea, Cornerstone Keep is what’s left of– you guessed it– an old roadside fortification called Cornerstone Keep. The settlement that has sprung up in and around it simply kept the old name. The original inhabitants of the Keep (soldiers and roadwardens) haven’t been there in decades. There’s just no reason to garrison men there, seeing as the last conflict in the area was long, long ago.

However, despite there being no official military presence, the village of Gladstone and the area’s inhabitants thought it might be a good idea to have a few folks manning the Keep, and eventually the hamlet of Cornerstone Keep was born.

The bantam militia set up up shop and prepared to engage bandits, sea raiders, or any other trouble that popped up in the area. As the years passed, the militia became more of a fixture, more interested in their own business, and more interested in declaring Cornerstone as its own entity. Now, the small population resides in the Keep itself and in buildings surrounding it. They produce their own food, their own trade items, and their own people, no longer needing volunteers from Gladstone on a four year basis.

There are other folks to live in the immediate region. They’re farmers, fishermen, hunters, gamekeepers, trappers, and individuals who just want to be left the hell alone.

The reasons are many as to why people chose to live away from either Gladstone and Cornerstone Keep, but the primary one is that something is very wrong can be felt by just about everyone who spends time in either place.

Cornerstone Keep itself is smallish in size, with many of its inhabitants actually living past the clearing surrounding the Keep, or living below in what seems to be a paranoid extension of a large wine cellar.

Want more? Well, an expanded version has been added in our first official release, Little Things: the first offering. Get it here!

All written material © 2014 Black Goat Games and Steven G. Saunders.
Illustration of Rhuddem Muka by Nicole Turner, and has been modified from its original form.
Cornerstone Keep is taken from an illustration by William McAusland, and is used with his kind permission.
Brenain Huchon and Juniper Thorzn’s illustrations are by Jeff Preston and taken from the TCP Gallery.




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