Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Urmakabus

Here’s something for you, offered in the spirit of VD. It’s a love note from all of me at Black Goat to all of you!

Technically speaking, this is something for the Little Bits entries, as this little guy will show up more, um, fleshed out in a future offering; also, I’m not providing this as an individual PDF for mass consumption. So, for now, here you go!

Name: Urmakabus
AKA: Love Gnome, Heart Dwarf, Love Slaver, Heart Horror
Type: Dynanian (Gnome-like Creature)
Occurrence: Rare
Usual Number: While sometimes found in temporary breeding pairs, Urmakabus are solitary creatures.
Mentality: Diabolical, Devious, and Lonely.
Physical Appearance: Short, like most gnomes. Pointy ears. Little hair. Cat-like or inky black eyes. May have a crab-claw for a hand. Blueish skin.

The Urmakabus is a remarkably interesting creature. Highly intelligent and often fluent in many languages, they have but one driving need: To not be alone.  The only time you’ll find Urmakabus with another one of its kind is when it is time for breeding more Urmakabus. And since the smell of their own kind repulses them, these pairings don’t last for long.

But don’t feel sorry for this particular sort of gnome. Urmakabus (its designation is both singular and plural) don’t have friends because they are pathetic… no, they don’t have friends because they force creatures of all kinds to be their slaves. Not only are these slaves servants, but they are the target of a multitude of sadistic and other unspeakable abuses. Urmakabus crave power over others; so much so that it overrides their entire species from developing culture, a society, or anything worth a crap as far as civilizations go.

However, since these creatures have genius cunning and delight in hatching evil plans more than hatching offspring, they often seem lonely, dejected, pathetic, and need of a good friend as far as the unwary are concerned. For instance, a group of adventurers could come across an Urmakabus and it will beg them for some food, and perhaps take an open fondness to the kindest sucker– er, character there. After awhile, this creature will target one member of the group and allow for them to discover what the Urmakabus really is and what its intentions are… and then the creature will turn the group against that target. It’s all just part of the cruelly mischievous life-cycle of this jerk gnome.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

All written material is ©2014 Steven G. Saunders and Black Goat Games.
Art is by the amazing Brian Brinlee, and is used with permission and under license from Purple Duck Games.

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