State of the Goat and Such

Hellllooooo, good (and bad) people! I’ve been working slowly but diligently on Black Goat Games material, which should be ready for mass consumption soon.

But I always say soon, so be careful holding your breath and hope and prepare sacrifices  for the best.

My partner in life-crime, who I will not call Mrs. Goat for fear of being set on fire, has been prodding me to stop fiddling with details and to just finally release Scribendarum Volume I.

I’ve also been working on a few other things with some amazingly talented buddies, including Breach and Butcher! and Lovely Maachen.

The third one in development is a big, dark secret, but I feel when it’s announced, you’ll dig it. The only hint I’ll give is that it’s Labyrinth Lord rules related. There are a couple of other items I’ve been wanting to get out there, and they should be vomited forth soon.

It also occurs to me that I need to update more, you know, to hold your interest, maybe. I’ll try to do that. I’ll try to throw out more tidbits here and there, too.

Some of you wickedly awesome folks have asked how you can help. Okay, I’ll bite. I don’t expect help, but if you want to show your support for my little venture, here are some ways…

Visit this Site and Tell Others
That simple, really. Word of mouth works wonders. This might be a bit difficult right now as there’s not much to show, but this is probably the best (and most cost effective) option. You can find the Facebook page here.

Pledge through Patreon
This is a pretty good option if you want to throw money my way, but want me to produced something before you part from your ducats. Hey, that’s what I would suggest because waiting for things sucks and I can delay for all sorts of reasons. Think of Patreon as a distant cousin of Kickstarter where you pledge, but aren’t charged until the agreed upon release criteria is met– and you still have to give permission to have your card charged. And when you do pledge, there are some cool gifts the Goat is pleased to bestow upon you. Want a village named after you? Sure! Important NPCs of your naming and ideas? Of course! Nearly all the options involve free products when they become available. You can also pull your pledge after one product release, or you can continue to pledge an amount (the same or a different amount) if you so desire.

Buy a T-Shirt
I have access to place I have worked for that prints shirts. If you’re interested, drop me a line and we’ll work something out ( The plan is to print some up and sell them to folks, but one-offs are still possible, of course. Here’s a shot of me in my Black Goat Games shirt recently, complete with cat hair!



Cat hair makes it more collectible. Also the print is whiter than shown.


Buy My Crap
In an effort to lighten the load in our home, I am selling numerous sundry nerd items. Game books, comics, anime stuff, and other assorted odds and ends. All proceeds go towards Black Goat Games and this things like art and nachos. I will occasionally link to things I’m selling, but if you are super-duper interested, please email me your questions. Really, the original idea behind Black Goat Games was it being a shop, too, so this kinda makes up for it. My preferred method of selling is through local sites like Used Victoria, and I’m starting to use ebay for non-local transactions. Naturally, or unnaturally, you are welcome to contact me directly and we can work something out– better deals are always given to Fell Supporters.

Buy Back Goat Products
Well, duh, right? I hope that if you are interested in what I and others are doing with Black Goat Games, that you will buy the gaming products we offer. They should be available soon (this sounds familiar, eh?).

Some folks just want to say “Take my money!” and while this amazes me, I can relate as I’ve done the same thing before with other people’s stuff. All donated money goes straight into the Goat Coffers and is used for stock art and original art. If you do donate, though, don’t be surprised if I want to give you free products. I’m not a hat-in-hand sort, but I’ll take whatever I can get for the purposes of evil gaming repurposing.

Anyhow, you get the idea. This operation is truly a labor of love, but I do want to make it, you know, good. And if you’re just content to just “wait and see”, so are welcome to do so! Some of you are itching to help, and help is welcome, of course. Even if your sole goal is to be on the Patrons of the Dark Arts page, I won’t turn you down.

Thanks for reading and I cannot thank you enough for your interest. Be seeing you!

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