The Murder Urchin is upon us… AGAIN

Hey there! So, the Murder Urchin– which is a grimdark fancy way of saying “Dire Hedgehog”– has been redone and polished up for expanded public consumption.

This scary, prickly beast is available here as a part of the Pay What You Want model. This means you can pay whatever you want; even nothing, if you’re so inclined. But what if you nab it for free and then have the urge to help this old goat out? No worries! Just pick it up again for a price you’re comfortable with, or pick up Little Things: the first offering, or just write up a review talking about how much you love or hate it. Well, honestly, I really hope you love it!


Now, what’s next for Black Goat Games? Currently, numerous things are in development, but the ones that are going to be unleashed very soon are the redux versions of The Edgadingfly, R is for Regimental Revenant, and A is for Arjetkainen. Then it’s Little Things II: a second helping, Little Things III: Little Places, Little Things IV: Celebrate the CultCreature Feature: Those Who Creep and Crawl, Breach and Butcher!, Lovely Maachen, Scribendarum Volume I, and… wow, a lot on the plate, indeed! There’s even more brewing, too.

To be fair, most of the releases are small offerings, so we’re not as buried as it seems. Right? Right??

We’ll keep plugging along and get more stuff out there. So far the response has been great, and I look forward to hearing and reading more of what y’all have to say!

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