Black Goat Friday / Xmas Sale 2014

[Update! This has been extended into an Xmas deal– because, hey, why not? And not only that, but it goes through the month of December.]

Hello, my evil darlings! It is that time of year where sales begin and people start to lose their tiny little minds, etc, etc… and the dolmen of this Goat is no different, really.

While I’m getting back in gear with some new releases, Black Goat Games would like to announce the following deals that are good from Friday, November 27 to Monday, December 1. For starters, I’ll yabble about the PDF deals, and then we’ll get to the t-shirt stuff.

LITTLE THINGS: THE FIRST OFFERING is only 50 centsmadness!

THE EGADINGFLY can be yours for only 50 cents, as well!

And why not throw in THE MURDER URCHIN for 50 pennies more?

For a mere $1.50, you can procure everything released from Black Goat Games so far. A good deal, if you ask me. Don’t worry, all revenue is guaranteed to go towards nefarious deeds.

Then, there’s shirts. Black Goat Games shirts. They kick ass, and you totally want one. Okay, so normally these suckers would run $20 a pop; but for you? This weekend? This Black Goat Friday? $15. Yup, for $15 you can have an awesome grimdark shirt of +666 Grimdarkness. In an even crazier deal, I’m charging the same price for the slightly more expensive “ladies fit” t-shirts, too! Long-sleeved versions of the regular BGG shirt can also be obtained for only $2 more, and please inquire if you need XXL or larger, or a long-sleeved XXL.

For locals to the Victoria, BC area, you don’t have to worry about shipping. We can arrange for pick-up. As for Canadians, shipping shouldn’t be too hefty– no more than $3-$5 for a shirt. For US customers… oof, shipping can be brutal, I won’t lie. But if you want to get your claws on a BGG shirt, I will do my damn-doodliest to cut you the best shipping deal possible. And that goes for the rest of you, too, no matter where you live. Alright? ALRIGHT!

Now, here’s a mock up of what the shirts will look like.



Yes, this is even different than my own personal BGG shirt (where all the information is on the front). These shirts haven’t even been printed yet– a local printer is waiting for the minimum order to be filled (12; which is almost achieved already!) and off to the presses they go (so to speak). I assure you the shirts will be of the highest, evilest screen printing quality, as Randy knows no equal in the garment printing industry.

Since this is a one Goat operation and for a limted time, please direct all orders through, with “SHIRT” in the subject line. All payment must be through Paypal or cash in person. Locals can be certain to get theirs before Krampus Day (Xmas) is upon us, and I will do my damnedest to ship all shirts out ASAP.

Thanks for checking this out, and I hope to hear from you soon.

(Please note that prices are in CAD for Canadian customers and USD for everyone else– this is to make things easier all around! Thanks for your understanding.)

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