Alms for the Goat

Forcing ideas to come to life takes effort and sacrifice. The research and occult knowledge required to maintain an orderly compact with unmentionable forces can have quite the toll. It is to you, dear supporter, that the Black Goat brays for your offerings. Whether it be an exuberant, soulful high-five or cold, hard coin… anything from the heart  is deeply appreciated.

A thaumaturgic portal for those of you throwing coin at the goat.

As always, thank you.


Oh, and what does the money from donating and/or buying BGG products go to? I’m happy you asked!

Aside from obvious life things, much of whatever Black Goat raises will be put back into things like art costs, ad and promotion costs, site costs, and maybe, just maybe, the one-off plate of nachos. But mostly art, promotional, and website expenses.