As with any bold and dauntless endeavor, sponsor and patrons are beloved, cherished, and invaluable.

The individuals listed on this page are more valuable to Black Goat Games than words can describe, engaging in a expiation of faith worthy of no mere mortal. For this, I truly thank them and their kind generosity.

While there are many things one can do with their inky machinations to become a Patron of the Goat, one of the best ways is to become a Patron through Patreon. Just click on this to be taken there post haste. Patrons receive special rewards for their troubles, including immortality as becoming part of the things and worlds Black Goat Games is always creating!



Nicole Turner
With you the stars are always right. If I can do it without you, I don’t want to do it. Wait, that sounds kind of creepy. This old goat really loves you, is what I’m saying.

Daniel Gallaher
Thank you for taking the plunge first, kind sir!

Danielle Whitman
Your generosity is deliciously evil! Thank you!

Duncan Blackman
Your evil ways of giving shan’t be forgotten for this or d12 lifetimes! Thank you, dark sir.

Jeff Wike
A dark scholar and twisted gentleman, if there ever was one. Thank you!!

Louise and Edward Saunders
Your dark progeny gives its most sincere thanks and expiation!

Charlie Falcone
You are a scholar and a fiendish gentleman. Your pledge shall be used for the most foul of deeds!

John J. Dick
Old fiends are the best fiends, no? Your patronage is deeply and evilly appreciated!

Pia Grönqvist
A dear friend who has used her evil powers to keep this goat in line! Thank you for your gracious support, Pia.



If you are interested in becoming a Patron of the Dark Arts, please direct yourself to this page. There you will find nifty details on becoming a regular sponsor of Black Goat Games and the evil goodies you’ll receive for being fantastically amazing.

If you are more interested in just a straight-up donation, feel free to make one here.

Of course, buying the products that will be offered for sale soon is always a great way to support the Goat!

Regardless of your means and contribution– even if it’s just telling people about BGG– your time is greatly appreciated!

Art by Nicole Turner