Bestiarium of the Black Goat: Morskfarch

“The beasts broke free… there was no where to go. Just the ship. And them. Ye ever seen a morsk go crazy with killing rage? Well, I haven’t much either– because I jumped overboard with a few others. They died, I lived. Last I saw was the shapes of men on our ship, in the fog, and they were all… screaming. Not for long, though. Not for long.” — Jameaton Gallehir, only survivor of the Mariah vin Aumark

The places found off the coasts of Fylgr are filled with many kinds of curiosities, excitement, mystery, and pure horror. Throughout the Maelstrom Seas and Northern Drink, many islands can be found, all harboring strange, new, and often reemerged treasures and creatures, thanks to the onset of the Kyrbus.

Morskfarch, known to many as simply morsk, are one of these creatures. Thought to have died out thousands of years ago, these seal-like monstrosities have popped back up, starting the morsk trade anew. A practice called “farching” has begun to grab some coastal communities, and woe betide those families who must watch their loved one head out to trap, kill, and sometimes retrieve morskfarchs.

You see, farching is extremely dangerous for a few reasons. The morsk is a creature virtually immune to nearly all magics, poisons, and has a hide that turns away most weapons. Its sub-dermal blubber is a substance of myth and legend and highly sought after. But morsks are extraordinarily aggressive, especially during mating season…

And it’s always mating season for the morskfarch.

This creature does have many uses. With the right blacksmith/armorer- alchemist, it’s hide and blubber can be turned into insanely tough and magically resistant armors. Its tusks and bones make for vicious weaponry, but it takes a highly specialized weaponsmith to make them just right. Otherwise, one is stuck with simply a tusk– one that can punch right through plate armors. Morsk teeth are used for special marksmen’s and assassins’ arrow/bolt heads. It’s meat and blood are also poisonous to most species, causing a frenzied hallucinatory state  which normally results in death. The morsk’s pancreas is edible, though, and fetches quite the price on the exotic food market.

Entire expeditions are put together for farching. Whole mini-fleets might be set up by wealthy merchants and kings in order to bring in one or two morsks. Some folks who specialize in hunting and trapping sea creatures, like Leviathaneers, can go from rags to riches overnight with a small elite crew and one morsk kill.

While maps with “mosrk marks” are valuable, most sailors use these maps to avoid the islands where morsks are. Crews train on how to best evacuate an island as soon as possible when a morsk sighting occurs. It cannot be stressed enough just how terrifying a morskfarch is.


Not long ago, a rookery of morsks appeared near Aumark, making for the first sighting of morskfarch on the Fylgrian realms’ mainland in over a thousand years. Panic spread fast, and it took a small army to drive them away, with only one pup being captured, its fate undetermined.

It is likely that pup was taken away to be trained. Morsks that are trained in servicing their masters are mind-breakingly effective “attack dogs”, and it’s known that a few expeditions into savage, untamed Kulm in the southwest of the Fylgrian lands have had trained morskfarch with them, fighting fire with fire as it were.

BIOLOGY: The morskfarch is a creature comprised of anger, hunger, and aggressiveness. Its psychology seems to revolve around its rookery, or family group, which it seems to love more than anything else. Famous Leviathaneers talk about how a morsk bull will sacrifice itself for its rookery, going on a killing spree for long enough for its family to get away. Morsk cows are every bit as deadly as the bulls, and even their pups are dangerous not long after birth. There are few animals as pernicious as the morsk. When you consider that even this species’ babies can wipe out a hamlet in under an hour, you would begin to wonder why Fylgr hasn’t been overrun with them.

These creatures have large frontal tusks that they can use with expert proficiency. The morsk has an interesting jaw structure, allowing for it to spear its prey and begin separately chewing it while it shrieks in abject fear. It’s saliva has a sweet and salty smell, which some survivors have described as “the sweet old man of the sea” and claim that they always smell it wherever they go, for the rest of their lives.

Morsk hide is like steel, with its leathery skin protecting against most mundane weapons, and its special blubber being almost impenetrable, turning away most blade. Even gunpowder weapons and siege weapons have a difficult time taking these beasts down. Its teeth are like razors, its tusks spears of death. It even has claws, but those are almost incidental when one considers everything else… the claws help with quick maneuvering.

Yes, morsk are swift on land as they are at sea.

It should go without saying that they’re very strong, tough, have great endurance, and are infamous for their tenacity.

Morskfarch breed very slowly, with a cow birthing maybe two pups at one time every decade or so. The pups’ survival rate is high, but they need more nutrition from the primary source of food the morsk have: the knau fruit. While adult morsk are omnivorous, they never stray far from the hardshelled knau fruit, which has a delicious and sweet creamy “flesh” inside. The knau resembles a large nut that grows on trees on various islands, and is considered to be quite nutritious, provided one can penetrate the shell. The morkfarch have zero problems with the shell, using their tusk to penetrate it.  The average lifespan of a morsk is around 90 years. They have a long memory to boot.  Morskfarch are known by hunters for their grudges…

Adult morsk usually develop a taste for meat– warm meat– and so many will go from island to island hunting for animals. Study of this creatures shows that them seem to get excited over the amount of noise their prey makes, so screaming humans are a fan favorite of the morsk. Still, they need knau to survive, it would seem, and so the mainlands are safe… for now.

Play the morskfarch as a scary boogeyman creature in your games, having it stalk and mess with the players. Think of these critters as something truly terrifying and dangerous, only using them sparingly. Though a full on “morsk hunt” can make for a good series of nail-biting adventure. Especially if the commissioners of farching expedition want to capture morsk pups. As you may guess, playing dead around these monsters certainly helps with the whole “surviving an encounter” thing.

A morsk grudge can also be worked into a game. Revenge is the ONLY thing that will motivate a morskfarch to leave its rookery and knau supply to head for the mainlands in order to find its intended target. Old morsk bodies of those who have perished (most likely from starvation) can be the impetus for adventure, making for a delightfully and deliciously grave treasure hunt. After all, a morsk corpse is a trove of amazing wealth and power.

morsk skeleton

There’ll be more about the morskfarch in the future, to be added to BGG products. In the meantime, take this information and run with it. Sure, a walrus creature seems silly– and use this to your advantage, fellow gamemasters. Like dire penguins, these critters can be used to make your players laugh whilst you brutalize them. The morsk is so powerful that it doesn’t even need to be alive to kill people, with its very corpse being invaluable. Hmmm… what about an undead morskfarch?

Perilous ideas abound, indeed!

All images in the public domain.
Morskfarch created by Nicole Turner and Steven G. Saunders
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Little Bits: The Broker

Look, I know you’re some swinging dick out there on the dirty streets of Aalee, but these men have no regard for life in a kind and sympathetic way. Captain, if you let me do my job, I will talk to their leader and get those people back. Yes, they’re your people, but this kind of scum trusts scum like me. I talk the talk, and your people walk. You will have to sweeten the deal with some kruuns– this lot doesn’t take ducats. I know a guy, don’t worry. We’ll do the currency exchange, and then the hostage exchange. It will go smoothly. It will be a happy ending for everyone involved. Questions?” – Timarkin of Delroyn, Broker


In a grim and hostile world, ransoming kidnapped hostages is a lucrative trade. Some have taken it upon themselves to help the needy or get in on the action. Oftentimes both motivations and more apply. Enter the Broker, a person capable of talking and negotiating under the harshest and most stressful of circumstances. The Broker is a natural and charismatic speaker, as well as a shrewd opportunist. In a grimdark roleplaying game, a Broker character can really add some new dimensions to the roleplay experience, as communication is their key talent and skill.

The first thing to figure out is what kind of Broker the PC or NPC is going to be. Some Brokers are more idealistic than others, while some are more cynical and even murderous. Really, it’s up to you or the player. Keep in mind that if your playgroup is more hero-oriented, a duplicitous, nasty Broker may not be a good fit. Then again, they could make the perfect behind-the-scenes foil for those goody two-shoes bastards.


Truth be told, there is nothing quite like the look of smothered hope smeared all over the faces of a group of players, made even sweeter by the fact a player helped you make it happen… but we’re not focusing on that right now.

Here’s a quick roll-chart to see what your Broker is all about, if you’re the type who enjoys randomness; D6:

1 – Amoral opportunist. Doesn’t care about people any way you cut ’em.
2 – Was once a hostage and the talks went wrong. People died. Now a crusader.
3 –  Is actually someone who contacts kidnappers to set things up.
4 – Just happens to be really good at talking. Fell into this career.
5 – Has a background in this field due to parent; is trained and professional.
6 – Violent psychopath. Does it because it’s fun. Usually tracks down and kills accomplices.

Brokers, being the natural negotiators they are, can find work doing many other, similar things, like brokering deals for merchants with criminals, haggling out understandings between dock workers, tavern owners, bawds, and pimps, and much, much more. Also, it probably goes without saying that many a broker goes back into the more mundane sectors when they tire from the constant threat of having their throat slashed hanging over their head (or neck, as it were). Play them as you see fit– just keep in mind that they’re pros who are quite capable at what they do… or else they wouldn’t be known as brokers.

The kinds of attributes brokers need to be what they are include intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. Anything having to do with the fellowship of others and quickly accessing knowledge to best suit their immediate and future social needs. Brokers are often from a more median social status. Not too rich to have never gone into their practice in the first place, but not too poor as to afford education. Many middle children of lesser noble families become brokers, or try to. Sometimes a broker rises from the bloody pile of bodies the lower classes manage to pile on, but it’s exceedingly rare.

The kinds of skills and/or talents needed for a broker include ones like fast talking, blathering, any kind of bullshittery, charm, etiquette, streetwise, nerves of steel, quick learner, “poker face”, seduction, sexual wiles, bluffing, lying, bartering, negotiating, basic self-defense (you never know), begging, wit, social knowledge, history, organized crime (or knowledge thereof, and so forth. Sometimes survival skills help because often brokers have to set out for meets alone, and bandits will enjoy making them sweat, waiting for days in the wilderness for contact. Try to fit this profession to your game as you see fit.

How you want to play them, table above aside, is really up to you. Many Brokers are scum who are only in it for the money. Others enjoy the social latitude they get, with both rich and poor needing their services, so they flit about societies like some sort of floating upper middle class. Still others are crusaders, looking to help and bring a little bit of heroism to a bleak world. More often than not, Brokers tend to be a combination of backgrounds and motivations, which can make them extremely interesting characters.

In the future, expect The Broker to pop up in a Black Goat Games product. For now, let this fuel your imagination. Now, while I have come up with this for fantasy RPGs, the Broker archetype can be easily used in any kind of RPG setting, including modern, near/cyberpunk future, and far future.

Thanks for reading this Little Bit!

Be seeing you.

State of the Goat and Such

Hellllooooo, good (and bad) people! I’ve been working slowly but diligently on Black Goat Games material, which should be ready for mass consumption soon.

But I always say soon, so be careful holding your breath and hope and prepare sacrifices  for the best.

My partner in life-crime, who I will not call Mrs. Goat for fear of being set on fire, has been prodding me to stop fiddling with details and to just finally release Scribendarum Volume I.

I’ve also been working on a few other things with some amazingly talented buddies, including Breach and Butcher! and Lovely Maachen.

The third one in development is a big, dark secret, but I feel when it’s announced, you’ll dig it. The only hint I’ll give is that it’s Labyrinth Lord rules related. There are a couple of other items I’ve been wanting to get out there, and they should be vomited forth soon.

It also occurs to me that I need to update more, you know, to hold your interest, maybe. I’ll try to do that. I’ll try to throw out more tidbits here and there, too.

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Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Urmakabus

Here’s something for you, offered in the spirit of VD. It’s a love note from all of me at Black Goat to all of you!

Technically speaking, this is something for the Little Bits entries, as this little guy will show up more, um, fleshed out in a future offering; also, I’m not providing this as an individual PDF for mass consumption. So, for now, here you go!

Name: Urmakabus
AKA: Love Gnome, Heart Dwarf, Love Slaver, Heart Horror
Type: Dynanian (Gnome-like Creature)
Occurrence: Rare
Usual Number: While sometimes found in temporary breeding pairs, Urmakabus are solitary creatures.
Mentality: Diabolical, Devious, and Lonely.
Physical Appearance: Short, like most gnomes. Pointy ears. Little hair. Cat-like or inky black eyes. May have a crab-claw for a hand. Blueish skin.

The Urmakabus is a remarkably interesting creature. Highly intelligent and often fluent in many languages, they have but one driving need: To not be alone.  The only time you’ll find Urmakabus with another one of its kind is when it is time for breeding more Urmakabus. And since the smell of their own kind repulses them, these pairings don’t last for long.

But don’t feel sorry for this particular sort of gnome. Urmakabus (its designation is both singular and plural) don’t have friends because they are pathetic… no, they don’t have friends because they force creatures of all kinds to be their slaves. Not only are these slaves servants, but they are the target of a multitude of sadistic and other unspeakable abuses. Urmakabus crave power over others; so much so that it overrides their entire species from developing culture, a society, or anything worth a crap as far as civilizations go.

However, since these creatures have genius cunning and delight in hatching evil plans more than hatching offspring, they often seem lonely, dejected, pathetic, and need of a good friend as far as the unwary are concerned. For instance, a group of adventurers could come across an Urmakabus and it will beg them for some food, and perhaps take an open fondness to the kindest sucker– er, character there. After awhile, this creature will target one member of the group and allow for them to discover what the Urmakabus really is and what its intentions are… and then the creature will turn the group against that target. It’s all just part of the cruelly mischievous life-cycle of this jerk gnome.

Want more? Well, an expanded version has been added in our first official release, Little Things: the first offering. Get it here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

All written material is ©2014 Steven G. Saunders and Black Goat Games.
Art is by the amazing Brian Brinlee, and is used with permission and under license from Purple Duck Games.

Little Bits: Cornerstone Keep

A while back, I started working on “Para Saar: Island of Grim Adventure”, which then changed into its current, final title of Paha Saar: Wretched Environ for Mordant Escapades. Not to worry, my friends, this Goat is still working on it, and it should see completion sooner than later. It even has some fantastic art by the lovely Nicole Turner, as well as other things, like the illustrations you will see on this entry of Little Bits.

Now, this is just a snapshot (originally typo’d as “snapshit”, which is fitting, considering the locale!) of Paha Saar, focusing on a part of the Cornerstone Keep chapter. I hope you find it of some inspiration and use as a GM, writer, or even as a jet pilot. Who know, really?

What you see, though, is not the final version, and it has been modified from the original to-be-published document to better suit this entry. Well, what are you waiting for? Have at it!



A league (three miles / five and a half kilometers) north of Gladstone is Cornerstone Keep, a hamlet of a settlement numbering only around sixty souls.

Most of these souls are deeply disturbing.

While Gladstone has its own horrible secrets, Cornerstone Keep has a few of its own.

Situated across the road from a dense forest and by cliffs overlooking the sea, Cornerstone Keep is what’s left of– you guessed it– an old roadside fortification called Cornerstone Keep. The settlement that has sprung up in and around it simply kept the old name. The original inhabitants of the Keep (soldiers and roadwardens) haven’t been there in decades. There’s just no reason to garrison men there, seeing as the last conflict in the area was long, long ago.

However, despite there being no official military presence, the village of Gladstone and the area’s inhabitants thought it might be a good idea to have a few folks manning the Keep, and eventually the hamlet of Cornerstone Keep was born.

The bantam militia set up up shop and prepared to engage bandits, sea raiders, or any other trouble that popped up in the area. As the years passed, the militia became more of a fixture, more interested in their own business, and more interested in declaring Cornerstone as its own entity. Now, the small population resides in the Keep itself and in buildings surrounding it. They produce their own food, their own trade items, and their own people, no longer needing volunteers from Gladstone on a four year basis.

There are other folks to live in the immediate region. They’re farmers, fishermen, hunters, gamekeepers, trappers, and individuals who just want to be left the hell alone.

The reasons are many as to why people chose to live away from either Gladstone and Cornerstone Keep, but the primary one is that something is very wrong can be felt by just about everyone who spends time in either place.

Cornerstone Keep itself is smallish in size, with many of its inhabitants actually living past the clearing surrounding the Keep, or living below in what seems to be a paranoid extension of a large wine cellar.

Want more? Well, an expanded version has been added in our first official release, Little Things: the first offering. Get it here!

All written material © 2014 Black Goat Games and Steven G. Saunders.
Illustration of Rhuddem Muka by Nicole Turner, and has been modified from its original form.
Cornerstone Keep is taken from an illustration by William McAusland, and is used with his kind permission.
Brenain Huchon and Juniper Thorzn’s illustrations are by Jeff Preston and taken from the TCP Gallery.




Little Bits: The Krofron

I don’t know if we’re going to use the Krofron as an expanded entry for a BGG offering, seeing as it wheedles to us from the realms of science-fiction and post-apocalyptic horror. Still, I wanted to get this out there in some form while the thought was still bouncing around in my noggin. Really, there is no reason why Black Goat Games shouldn’t have sci-fi offerings, as well.

I invite you, dear readers and Blackgoatteers, to weigh in and let me know your thoughts on this matter. Should BGG include science-fiction/cosmic horror/etc etc et al in its products?

(UPDATE: This has been cut down a bit for this entry, because the Krofron has been expanded and included in Black Goat’s first publication Little Things: the first offering! GET IT HERE!!)

For now, here is the Krofron

TCP Cyberpunk 8

Hailing from… somewhere, the Krofron (as they are known within the lands of Fylgr and the planet of Dalisontia) are an trans-dimensional, inter-planes travelling race of beings who are as mysterious in appearance as they are in motivations– both individually and as a species. Normally, Krofron are encountered as bipeds with their trademark, slightly askew “eyes”, which to keen observers are some sort of ocular devices or armor. Indeed, they seem as if they are encased in armor to many sentient species they encounter, most notably amongst those still caught in the grip of feudal societies, old technology driven kingdoms, and vassal states.

The Krofron themselves have technology that tends to vary from Krofron to Krofron, and from group to group. They seem to have no countries, no politics, no semblance to, say, most human cultures. Often they do not even communicate with other species; and often they are accompanied by other races, like humanoid sentients, many of whom have been “modified” in some manner.

These modifications are frequently quite… disconcerting.

TCP Robot 1

The one technology the Krofron have that’s universal with all encounters with their race is the ability to travel between the planes, through a process that some of them call “multiverseal transiting”. At times, there are Krofron who seek to displace entire lands to seemingly odd demi-planes for experimental purposes, which is usually through a process called “phase-warp folding”. Normally– and this term is used loosely– most Krofron when encounter say nothing, communicate nothing, and explain nothing.

More often than not, when the Krofron are encountered,  they simply remain a mystery that will haunt those who have experienced them forever. In the extraordinarily rare times where two different types of Krofron meet up, they appear to be just as alien to each other.

The reasons why Krofron appear are myriad, really. They are supposed to be unexplainable and weird and just plain scary. If the greatest fear is fear of the unknown, these aliens embody the unknown. One thing is universal with them, however, and that is a body of a Krofron has never been recovered for study. The Krofron’s exo-armor has some kind of dead man’s switch that occurs when their vital signs begin to ebb away to nothing. All that will be left behind is a quickly evaporating goo.

Unless that bizarre goo-sludge temporarily left behind IS the Krofron race. No one really knows.

The Krofron weaponry varies, and, really, it depends on what the GM prefers. Some Krofron will do whatever it takes to avoid violence. Some will fight with frighteningly powerful armaments.  Others will simply use the manipulation of quantum physics to their horrific advantage, which always seems like powerful magic to the non-scienced. Krofron-tech is normally, um, abnormal, and tends to defy a lot of expectations– often towards the Krofron themselves.

Humans and other biped sentients tend to encounter Krofron who look like they’re encased in a robotic exo-skeleton, akin to a slimmer looking powered armor (for you sci-fi types). They always seem to have multiple “eyes”, with 4 eyes being less rare than, say, seven eyes. Groups with one eye are known to exist too; as are groups with varying numbers of eyes. Sometimes Krofron have eyestalks, but this is exceedingly uncommon.

Many experiments and studies-in-progress are left behind on many different worlds, usually resulting in some mind-shattering horror unleashed on the local populous. But there are those who seek the Krofron out, because they happen to have other mind-shattering cosmic horrors they need to deal with… ones who terrify them more than any Krofron ever has.

Krofron have their own weird motivations, and so it might help the Krofron-interested GM to have a chart:

Why are They Here? Roll a d10
1 – They have come to study the native sentient species. They will not communicate and take samples as they please.
2 – They are here to harvest. d4: 1-Brains, 2-Kidneys, 3-Eyes, 4-Index Fingers.
3 – They wish to add to their collection of… d4: 1-Toys, 2-Swords/Pistols, 3-Mugs, 4-Languages.
4 – They have no reason. Their having no reason IS their reason. They’re tourists. Terrible, terrible tourists.
5 – They are escaped convicts. Perhaps they are innocent. Probably not.
6 – They are a scouting party looking for new worlds to conquer.
7 – They are explorers looking for new worlds to explore.
8 – They are refugees… probably the unintentional harbingers of something horrible.
9 – They wish to eat. They love meat. Hey, human, you are made of meat.
10 – They are utterly fascinated by children. They wish to collect a few… specimens.

All written material © 2014 Black Goat Games and Steven G. Saunders.
Art is by Jeff Preston, and is taken from Terrible Character Portraits.


Little Bits: Tentacled Brain-Sucker

In order to keep stuff active while I work on Scribendarum: Volume I, this Goat thought it would be useful to post entries that cover some of the upcoming items in that and other Black Goat Games offerings. And so, we have Little Bits.

This fellow first appeared in Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: R is for Regimental Revenant, which Black Goat Games released upon the unwary, free of charge, waaaay back in November. R is for Regemental Revenant covers various things concerning the military undead, odd new creatures, and some other fun items.

From the original entry…



Now, do want some more on this little brain-sucking guy? Sure, it’s nothing all that original, but this tired goat tries to put some interesting spins on ’em. Find out if I succeed or not in Little Things: the first offering, which you can buy here!

First piece of Brain-Sucker art is a modified image found in the public domain.
Second piece of art is by Jeff Preston, from the Terrible Character Portraits pack.

Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Black Turrg

Here’s a very short RPG monster offering, inspired by American Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It’s not very long, clocking in at only a couple pages worth of material. Enjoy!

Click on the Black Turrg to gubble-gubble it up

Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: A is for Arjetkainen (redux)

Alright, Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: A is for Arjetkainen was the first thing I posted at Black Goat, but that was more of a blog entry. So, here is a better formatted version, complete with a couple of tables. It’s still mainly idea-fuel, but hopefully you find it of more use!

Get your copy fo’ free here.

Or just click on Jeff’s Wraith…


Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: R is for Regimental Revenant

Whew! This turned out a little longer than I expected. Hopefully a small thought blossoming into this PDF will be helpful and to your liking!

So, click on the undead vikings! (That wasn’t supposed to rhyme…)



Update: Please note that a newer and more expanded version will appear soon on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG as Pay What You Want items!