Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Egadingfly

Today has been a busy day, and I’ve also managed to get a new critter all ready to show. As per usual so far, this is system neutral. It will cost you nothing, save for a piece of your very essence… which may already have an egadingfly’s eggs in it. Still, this delivery system of horror-larity could always use more ducats to further the cause. Stop by the Alms Centre, if you would.

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Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Murder Urchin

I have spent some time writing this up so that someone may enjoy it… the first entry of the Bestiarium!

Hope you dig it. I don’t know if it’s grim or dark, really, but there is something terrifying about a kill-mad hedgehog the size of a horse. You know?

Click on the bloodthirsty, man-eating hedgie to get your copy over at RPGNOW!
(And it’s Pay What You Want!– even zero $$$ if you want!)


Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: A is for Arjetkainen

death_alphabet_aWhile looking for something related to undead and death and the letter “A”, I ran across the Allip, which is a creature– a fine creature– for D&D, d20, and Pathfinder. But I wanted to kick this off with something of my own, but inspired by the Allip… so the arjetkainen was quickly born… Please note that Ye Nerterological Abecedarium is intended to be inspirational and suggestive material for the time being. I share my thoughts on something I’ve come up with and you run with it. Sound good?

Please note that this entry is available as a downloadable PDF here. This entry has been cut down as a result!

“I entered the chamber and a horrific sight met my tired and blood-spattered eyes. A man– or what I think was a man– was gone from just below his shoulders, with only part of his ragged spine hanging out from the weeping ruin of what was left. He looked at me. Looked at me! He was still alive! Gods above, I feel sick even thinking about that very moment. He was mouthing something… as he had no lungs to voice his tormented pleas. I knew what he wanted. I knew he wished for release. I approached him, solemnly. Slowly. He tugged at his manacles a bit, but smiled as I raised my sword for a swift, killing blow. I wanted to utter prayers for this poor soul, but all I could busy my mind with was what must’ve done that to him… and if whatever vile perisher who caused this was still around. I don’t even want to tell you that I knew it was still in the  chamber. Somewhere.” – account of Tostiv Knauska, only survivor of Captain Louisa Hartman von Igeldorf’s scouting party.

Whereas some borne upon the undead realm were once mortal, the unpleasant creature known by many as an “arjetkainen” is quite different.

Arjetkainen— its name both singular and plural– hail from another plane of existence entirely, and it’s hotly debated if arjetkainen are actually undead in the first place. Many scholars have fiercely posited that arjetkainen are aberrational beings from an extra-planar realm and are merely seemingly undead because there is no academia to support them otherwise.

Oh, but if that were true, then why would necromancers be able to summon them through grotesque and bizarre rituals?

Oh, but those are extraordinarily similar to the occult rituals demonologists employ…

And so the debate rages on. One thing is certain, though, and that is the arjetkainen is an incredibly dangerous, sentient malevolence. Wherever this horror actually comes from, it makes its intentions known as soon as it reaches what is believed to be its maturity (or maturity within the realm in which the coils of the mortal world reside).

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The Black Goat Bids You a Most Cordial Reception…

black_goat_one_wood_cutHey, there! I’m Steve and I want to create roleplaying games material I sincerely hope you enjoy. That’s the meat of it, really. My vision are easy to use products which can fill in all the necessary dark gaps your game or world or whatever may have. Or maybe you’re strictly a player and want to direct your Gamesmaster to a site that will ensure your character’s demise… I care not, so long as you have all eye-stalks directed here, gentlebeings.

Thank you for your eye-stalking.

That said, my mission statement is simple: Have fun.

Now, many of the things that will pop up on Black Goat will be of the particularly grim and dark variety. If it’s not your thing, that’s okay. Since it’s my thing, I’ll be focusing on grim darkness– but that’s not to say I might sling out something more lighthearted or even outright silly. Really, truth be told, I created this thing for me to speak to you and share with you stuff. And everybody likes stuff.

As I add more things, I will expand Black Goat’s breadth of available cool-stuff. Until then, most things will be available as blog posts. Easy to find; easy to get. I will be starting with something I consider to be both a project idea and an exercise, Bestiarium of the Black Goat, where I will throw out creatures great and small to you, to add into your games and such. I intend to eventually publish a collection, of course, with the critters that are discussed more fleshed out and expanded upon.

That’s all for now, you bleating hearts. Be seeing you!

And why not? I’m also going to start doing my very own Dance of Death Alphabet, Ye Nerterological Abecedarium, which will come up with something nasty-like and death-oriented with each letter of the English alphabet.