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Bestiarium of the Black Goat: Morskfarch

“The beasts broke free… there was no where to go. Just the ship. And them. Ye ever seen a morsk go crazy with killing rage? Well, I haven’t much either– because I jumped overboard with a few others. They died, I lived. Last I saw was the shapes of men on our ship, in the […]

Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Urmakabus

Here’s something for you, offered in the spirit of VD. It’s a love note from all of me at Black Goat to all of you! Technically speaking, this is something for the Little Bits entries, as this little guy will show up more, um, fleshed out in a future offering; also, I’m not providing this […]

Little Bits: The Krofron

I don’t know if we’re going to use the Krofron as an expanded entry for a BGG offering, seeing as it wheedles to us from the realms of science-fiction and post-apocalyptic horror. Still, I wanted to get this out there in some form while the thought was still bouncing around in my noggin. Really, there […]

Little Bits: Tentacled Brain-Sucker

In order to keep stuff active while I work on Scribendarum: Volume I, this Goat thought it would be useful to post entries that cover some of the upcoming items in that and other Black Goat Games offerings. And so, we have Little Bits. This fellow first appeared in Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: R is for Regimental […]

Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Black Turrg

Here’s a very short RPG monster offering, inspired by American Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It’s not very long, clocking in at only a couple pages worth of material. Enjoy! Click on the Black Turrg to gubble-gubble it up

Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: A is for Arjetkainen (redux)

Alright, Ye Nerterological Abecedarium: A is for Arjetkainen was the first thing I posted at Black Goat, but that was more of a blog entry. So, here is a better formatted version, complete with a couple of tables. It’s still mainly idea-fuel, but hopefully you find it of more use! Get your copy fo’ free here. […]

Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Egadingfly

Today has been a busy day, and I’ve also managed to get a new critter all ready to show. As per usual so far, this is system neutral. It will cost you nothing, save for a piece of your very essence… which may already have an egadingfly’s eggs in it. Still, this delivery system of […]

Bestiarium of the Black Goat: The Murder Urchin

I have spent some time writing this up so that someone may enjoy it… the first entry of the Bestiarium! Hope you dig it. I don’t know if it’s grim or dark, really, but there is something terrifying about a kill-mad hedgehog the size of a horse. You know? Click on the bloodthirsty, man-eating hedgie […]